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Subtitling, a valuable tool for increasing your reach

Why translate subtitles for your videos?

The subtitle translation process begins with an in-depth look at the content of your video. Our translators consider the context, tone, style and message that you’re looking to convey. Then, they set about translating the subtitles in accordance with two key principles :

  • Preserving the message of the original video
  • Respecting the time and space limits of subtitling conventions

This ensures the accuracy, consistency and on-time delivery of every subtitle translation project for your videos.

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Why translate subtitles for your videos?

In a world where borders are increasingly blurred thanks to connectivity, videos have become a key form of communication. Videos have the unique capacity to captivate and engage audiences, whether you are sharing information, promoting products or spreading key messages. Often, your videos will be aimed at an international audience.

This is why it is essential to consider subtitle translation: to communicate effectively with this multilingual audience. Mea Lingua is here to help you overcome the language barrier and spread your message around the world through subtitle translation.

Subtitle translation in a variety of fields

Is your company involved in international trade, the legal sector or even tourism? No problem. We have the expertise to translate your subtitles. Indeed, over the years, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with clients from a variety of different industries. This has given us precise knowledge of the ins and outs of various fields.

Subtitles for your international marketing campaigns

Your company is launching an international marketing campaign to promote your new product. To do this, you have produced a series of dynamic and engaging promotional videos to grab the attention of your target audience. However, these videos need to be translated to reach a wide range of people. That’s where Mea Lingua comes in!

For example, our translators worked on the marketing campaign for a company that exports its products. The goal was to ensure that the marketing campaign resonated with potential customers, and to remove any language barriers. Our translators translated the subtitles for the promotional videos for their new marketing campaign, so that the content and message could be easily understood.

Subtitles for your documentaries

When audiences watch a documentary in a language they do not know, there is a risk they will misunderstand it or fail to engage. This is why it is wise to translate the subtitles for your documentary into the languages spoken by your audience, in order to grab their attention.

What about voiceover?

Mea Lingua can also translate the voiceover for your documentaries. How does it work? The translator produces an additional audio track and faithfully translates your original message. Mea Lingua’s experts ensure a fluent and accurate voiceover translation.

Subtitles for your social media posts

Social media videos are a great way to promote a new product or service. Let’s take the example of a Belgian fashion company that is launching a new clothing line. In order to promote this collection, the company created a captivating video showing the clothes in various everyday situations. This video, which also has catchy music and French subtitles, was a real hit with local audiences. However, the brand also has a strong presence in Spain and Italy.

To make the video equally effective for Spanish and Italian audiences, the fashion company decided on subtitle translation. To do this, they called on Mea Lingua’s subtitle translation service.

The results?

A video with subtitles translated into Spanish, Italian and German. Thanks to subtitle translation, the video was able to reach a broader audience and generated thousands of views and shares on social media. This helped to improve awareness of the new collection in these countries.

Subtitle programs

At Mea Lingua, we also work with programs to subtitle videos. How does it work? The client sends us their video and receives it back subtitled in French or the language of their choosing. Our team takes care of everything!

We are also able to provide voiceover files. However, integration requires the expertise of a professional in the field. If as a client you already have the SRT file, you can simply send it to our team, and you will receive back an SRT file with the translated content. All you need to do then is import it for their video.

Journaliste en reportage vidéo
Journaliste en reportage vidéo

Why choose Mea Lingua for subtitle translation?

Growing your business and growing your target audience are intrinsically linked. As a result, adding subtitles to your videos is a valuable tool for achieving this goal. By choosing to collaborate with an agency like Mea Lingua, you are choosing to make your project a success.

At Mea Lingua, we are committed to providing a high-quality subtitle translation service. To do this, we rely on a team of translators who master a range of languages. However, they are also specially trained in subtitle translation, which allows them to respond to your needs precisely and professionally.

Mea Lingua and subtitle translation

Do you need to translate the subtitles of a video for a marketing campaign, presentation or documentary? Contact us to learn more about our subtitle translation service!

  • Documentaries
  • Training videos
  • Social media posts
  • Visual presentations
  • Online courses

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