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Sophie martin

Professional training

Sophie has always been passionate about foreign languages. Naturally, then, she decided to study translation at university in Brussels in 2005. After successfully obtaining her Bachelor’s degree from the ISTI (the Belgian Higher Institute for Translators and Interpreters), Sophie went on to obtain a Master’s degree in translation and international relations. She works with English and Italian. After completing her university education, she spent six months in Italy as an intern, working as a trainee translator in a translation agency. This background allowed her to fine tune her skills in translation and gave her all the tools she needed to begin her own professional journey.

Mapp monde noire et argentée dans une agence de traduction

Sworn translator for English, Italian and French

Her next step was to receive her University Certificate in legal training for sworn translators and interpreters. This further bolstered her professional image among prospective and future clients. It was an opportunity for Sophie Martin to obtain the official status of a sworn translator for English and Italian for courts in Belgium and the Italian Consulate in Charleroi, Belgium.

Translation of certificates for individuals

In her capacity as a sworn translator, Sophie is asked to translate a variety of documents into French, English and Italian on a daily basis, including certificates issued by public authorities, notarised deeds, legal documents (in particular for public prosecutor offices) and university documents (for students who wish to pursue their studies abroad).

Examples of documents from public authorities include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Verdicts
  • Household composition certificates?
  • Prenatal recognition certificates
  • Death certificates
  • etc.

Examples of notarised deeds include:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Company articles of association
  • Purchasing agreements
  • Sales agreements
  • etc.

Examples of documents from the offices of public prosecutors, courts and solicitors:

  • Verdicts
  • Official reports
  • Complaints
  • Solicitors’ documents
  • Enquiries
  • Power of attorney
  • etc.

Examples of university and academic documents include:

  • Transcripts of marks
  • Final or provisional degree certificate
  • Report cards
  • Training certificates
  • etc.

Founding Mea Lingua

After her training period in Italy, Sophie Martin returned to Belgium with a clear idea of what she wanted to do: she wanted to found her own translation agency. Driven by her desire to help Walloon businesses succeed in international markets, she made the leap in 2012. She threw herself into the world of entrepreneurship. Sophie opened the Mea Lingua translation and interpreting agency in Belgium, more specifically in Dinant. By creating her own agency, she aimed to use her expertise to support companies with their communications and international expansion.

A professional network

As its founder, Sophie also represents Mea Lingua within various professional networks, including the CBTI (Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters, the BNI and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Liège-Verviers-Namur , thereby helping to build the reputation of her agency and showcase its professional services. By participating in these professional organisations, Sophie also earns the confidence of clients with respect to the translation services that she offers.

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Her working philosophy

Being a boss means taking on major responsibilities across a number of levels. This sometimes causes business owners to become cold or dictatorial in their relationships with other people. This is not the case for Sophie, who, conversely, adopts a managerial approach based on benevolence. Respect for other people is central to her work ethic. By maintaining a relationship of trust with her translators, they are able to offer professional work, and in turn, Sophie can offer clients high-quality translations in any foreign language.

Ten years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the field

Sophie Martin has been working as a company manager and translator since 2012. Through these dual roles, she has built up an understanding of the reality for clients and translators over the years. While the client needs a professional service, often with strict and relatively short deadlines and within a set budget, the translator must manage pressure, their workload and produce a high-quality translation. This understanding, and knowledge of the realities on both sides of the industry, allow her to manage the workflow sent to her translators, pay attention to details and communicate with the different stakeholders in a positive and constructive manner.

Expérience de sophie martin dans le domaine de traduction

Organic translation

At Mea Lingua, we offer ‘organic translation’ services exclusively, meaning translations performed by people and not machines. There is no question of underpaying her employers, overcharging her clients, or working with automated translation software. We strictly comply with ethical working conditions. This ensures the well-being of those tasked with the work and ensures clients receive a high-quality translation or interpreting service.

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