Remote interpreting services

We can assist you with:

  • One-on-one interviews
  • Online business meetings
  • Online training sessions
  • Appointments
  • Webinars
  • Phone interviews
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Remote interpreting

Remote interpreting, that is, by phone or video conference, is the process used when interpreters are in a different location. In the past, interpreting remotely was tricky, due to the required technical conditions. Today, technology has made it possible to offer high-quality remote interpreting services.

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The remote interpreting process

Remote interpreting is a method of communication based on audio and video, which relies on the same principles as simultaneous interpreting. The main distinction is that the service is offered online, and not in person. When the speaker talks, the interpreter listens and translates their words in real time by speaking into their microphone. Using the settings of the video-conferencing platform, the participants can choose to listen to the content in the original language or listen to the interpreter’s translation.


Advantages of remote interpreting

The first advantage is financial. Indeed, this online meeting solution eliminates travel expenses for interpreters, as well as the cost of renting equipment. All you need to do is pick a platform that allows you to organise meetings with interpreters.

The second advantage relates to the location of the participants. With remote meetings, you can invite participants from all around the world and offer them high-quality interpreting services in their respective language. Participants and speakers can follow the content of the meeting in their native language, while interpreters can work from home or their own office.

Some examples of remote interpreting

Interpreters for online business meetings


As an entrepreneur in the field of solar cosmetics, you want to reach prospective customers in Spain to sell your products. However, you do not have the required language skills because you do not speak Spanish very well. The Spanish-French interpreter will help you communicate with your prospective customers. The goal is to allow you to deliver your pitch, interact with prospective customers and for everyone to have a good understanding of what you are offering.

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An interpreter to solve delivery issues

Does your company export products to Europe? Are you having a problem with a delivery, for example, to Portugal? In this case, you can call on an interpreter to solve the problem between you and the client. The interpreter is fluent in the local language and will call the client directly to discuss the delivery and find an arrangement that works for everyone.

An interpreter for your webinars

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of online training sessions and webinars has exploded. Providing interpreters is a good way to attract participants who may be interested in the subject matter, but inclined not to participate because they do not speak the language. Having an interpreter there is reassuring. In addition, it is an effective way to increase the reach of your webinar, attract more participants and ensure that your message is understood by everyone.

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Services included with remote interpreting

The briefing

At Mea Lingua, quality is our top priority. The interpreter’s prep work is a key consideration when interpreting remotely. As the manager of your company, you must ensure that the interpreter has all the information they need to perform their work. This means the subject matter, the message to be conveyed, the content that will be shared and the desired tone, for example.

Costs related to this service

Remote interpreting services that last less than three hours are generally invoiced at an hourly rate. For services lasting more than three hours, this means a half-day or full-day rate.

As with simultaneous interpreting, interpreters work in pairs for services over forty minutes and take turns in twenty-minute increments. Indeed, working in pairs is key to providing a high-quality remote interpreting service, regardless of the format of the event.

When can I use remote interpreting services?

The list below includes the main scenarios in which Mea Lingua offers remote interpreting services. This list is not exhaustive.

  • One-on-one interviews
  • Online training sessions
  • Appointments
  • Webinars
  • Phone interviews

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