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Proofreading service

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Typography
  • Syntax
  • Style
  • Accuracy of the translation
Proofreading of documents

Your text is of the highest importance! They convey a consistent and professional image for your business. Do not allow mistakes, translation errors or typos to lower the quality of your translations.

Proofreading, correction and revision services

Do you have staff on your team that can handle translations? That’s a good start. But do you have a professional to handle proofreading, corrections and the revision of your translations??

As translation professionals, we need to remind you that speaking a foreign language is one thing and writing it is another. It is crucial to remember that your texts are a reflection of your company and your professionalism. The translator/proofreader partnership is the foundation of any translation service.

Remember to sustain the image that you have spent time building for yourself. Employ real professionals to verify and ensure the accuracy of your translated documents!

Mea Lingua offers three distinct proofreading services

Correction services

With the correction service, the text that you produced in-house in a foreign language will be proofread by a linguist whose native language is the same as the document being proofread

The linguist will focus exclusively on linguistic accuracy and will verify, correct and adapt:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • typography (quotation marks, apostrophes, hyphens, paragraphs, etc.)
  • spacing

The source text is not consulted.

Proofreading services

With the proofreading service, the text that you produced in-house in a foreign language will be proofread by a linguist whose native language is the same as the document being proofread.

The linguist will focus on both linguistic accuracy (spelling, grammar, punctuation, typography, etc.) and the style of the text. Long, syntactically awkward sentences are rephrased to produce fluent, coherent and engaging text for readers. If the proofreader notices any errors with meaning, inconsistencies or passages that are hard to understand, they flag them, but they do not correct them. The source text is not consulted.

Revision services*

With the revision service, we verify the translation you have produced in its entirety. The text is initially read without consulting the source.

The linguist first proofreads the text (see “proofreading” without being influenced. The translator-proofreading then compares the source text and the translation line by line. They ensure that the information has been translated accurately, appropriately and consistently. Our professional proofreaders check the style, terminology and consistency of the meaning in the text. Naturally, their native language is the same as the target text.

* The revision service is applicable when our linguists are working in a translator-proofreader team.

Correction, proofreading and revision services – guaranteed quality for your writing

Ensuring the accuracy of your translations through proofreading, correction and revision makes it possible for you to assert your credibility to service providers and partners. It would be a shame to have a typo or serious translation error in your legal, technical or commercial documents, as this could be harmful to your company. Moreover, proofreading, correction and revision by our professional translator-proofreaders ensures the correct use of local idioms in your target language.

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