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Specialised and professional translation services

The linguistic services provided by Mea Lingua are primarily aimed at companies that are looking to expand internationally.

As a language service provider, we are always attentive to your needs, timelines and budget. Our team of tried-and-tested translators work on technical translation, legal translation and commercial translation every day, among other things.

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A high-quality language service lends your products and services credibility.

Translators, linguists and interpreters at your service

In order to ensure high-quality translation services, we surround ourselves with carefully “recruited” translators and interpreters. And for good reason! As the profession is open to everyone, anyone can work as a translator or interpreter. At Mea Lingua, we only work with professional linguists with proven skills. To this end, we ensure that each linguist:

  • possesses a degree in translation and/or interpreting or linguistics or similar, which is essential for mastering their native language;
  • translates exclusively into their native language;
  • specialises in one or two specific fields;
  • has five years of experience in translation and/or interpreting;
  • are VAT-registered or equivalent;
  • possess professional-liability insurance.

Furthermore, each linguist is bound to Mea Lingua by a service provider agreement, in which they agree to a duty of confidentiality, to work in accordance with professional standards, to have appropriate equipment, software and programs and to make every effort to ensure the smooth running of projects assigned to them.

Specialised translation services

When texts deal with highly specific subject matter, it is essential that they are handled by specialists. That’s where our experts come in. Our network also includes lawyers, engineers, computer engineers, mechanics, biologists, chemists and more. Where the text is very technical, the translation is assigned to an expert and proofreading is assigned to a linguist.

In this way, Mea Lingua offers a truly bespoke translation service for your scientific, legal and financial translations, among others, which require both translation skills and in-depth knowledge.

Professional translation requires professional tools.

Each year, we invest in professional licences for the use of cutting-edge technology. In particular, we use computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, which boast numerous advantages for our clients, our translators and our project managers:

  • Speed and quality
    All translations for a client for a single language combination are saved. When a new document contains similarities to a previously translated document, the software automatically displays the saved translation and highlights the differences. The translator simply has to adapt the new version. The translation is completed more quickly. Furthermore, thanks to the translation memory, the translator can use the termbase, which keeps terminology consistent between documents.
  • Lower costs
    Mea Lingua does not invoice repetitions, which represents significant savings for companies who produce many instructions, technical data sheets, product labels and other material in which the content is often repetitive. The more that is translated, the lower the cost.
  • Easy project management
    These super-powerful and efficient software programs make it possible to import the texts for translation, assign the task to one or more translators, and export the translation when it is ready. As a result, we have a history for each project. Furthermore, the exported translations are automatically formatted like the source text, which saves precious time for our project managers and clients.