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All too often, the language barrier proves to be a source of misunderstandings, a waste of time and a cause of failure in business matters. Don’t let this challenge disrupt you any more. Opt for the support of a liaison or consecutive interpreter, who can be real allies during meetings, video conferences, trade shows and business trips. Our interpreters can express themselves fluently in at least two languages and are selected based on the corporate culture, habits and customs of the target market. Mea Lingua offers interpreting services in Belgium and overseas.


The interpreter is a first-class ally
for your business


Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreting is only viable in small groups, with a maximum of four speakers.

This service can be used for meetings, one-on-one interviews, trade fairs and shows, business trips, etc.

The interpreter translates what the speaker says at regular intervals, on an almost simultaneous basis. They liaise between the speakers.


Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is viable when there is a larger number of speakers. The speaker talks for a period of time. The interpreter, who is at their side, listens carefully and takes notes. The speaker pauses to allow the interpreter to translate their words. This service can be used for meetings, group interviews, workshops, working groups, training sessions, etc.


Remote interpreting

The digital era has made communications easier than ever. Today, video conferencing replaces many in-person meetings. As a result, interpreting through video-conferencing technology – that is, remote interpreting – is becoming the new normal. . 

Unlike phone interpreting, the interpreter can observe body language, allowing them to better understand what the speaker is saying.

In addition to the easy set-up, remote interpreting makes it possible to considerably reduce costs and commute times for the various people who must attend the meeting. This also improves the availability of interpreters, since they do not have to spend time travelling back and forth.


Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is a bit more complex that consecutive or liaison interpreting, since the interpreter must quickly convey what the speaker is saying while they are talking. Simultaneous interpreting is often using during large conferences and assemblies, such as the United Nations, and is an intense exercise that requires considerable concentration. The interpreter translates what the speaker is saying into the microphone simultaneously and the person listening hears this through headphones. Simultaneous interpreting requires highly qualified interpreters and, sometimes, special equipment, where the location of the conference is unable to provide it.

Our interpreters, your business partners

Where possible, we ensure that the same interpreter works with you (business trips, company visits, trade fairs and shows, etc.). By working with you on a regular basis, they get to know you, understand your expectations and work with this in mind. They also understand your company and produces and, over the course of your work together, they become a real expert and a first-class ally.

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